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Ho Chi Minh Day 3

We are pretty much done with shopping over the last 2 days. We had late breakfast at Basiroh while waiting for my delivery. Quite a breakfast or rather brunch we had beef noodles and big karipap with hot Vietnam coffee. We also bought 2 boxes of Vietnam coffee which we later found out more expensive than at the market.

My parcel was left at the reception. During the injury time shopping yesterday I measured up for 2 pair of trousers and a suit of baju Melayu Johor of cotton linen. The trousers was usd31 each while baju Melayu I got it for usd45, all done in less than 24hr. I must say the workmanship was as good as any tailor you can get but it is astonishingly good deals that you can get it cheaper and faster in Vietnam. When I am done trying the dress we rushed to the market to get a sizable bag for our newly acquired luggage. We got to rush because we are checking out by 1pm. We leave our luggage at lobby and walk around the city towards the river bank.

Before leaving the city we thought of having another meals despite of heavy brunch we had in the morning. We stopped at Hj Halim, on the road by the back entrance of Ben Tanh market. We had Terung bakar, Tomyam ikan, fried Springroll and of course iced Vietnam coffee.



Terung bakar


Fish tomyam


Fried springroll


We finished off the remaining VND at the market, get the delivery of baju kurung from Lan the tailor and left the hotel by 5.45pm. The TSN airport was located conveniently at the fringe of the city that it takes just half an hour from the hotel the taxi was driving 30-40kmh.

We read so much about vietnam immigration and custom that we had to hide our USD and RM notes. I just have USD2 and VND 30k in my pocket. During the security scanning, I was called up by the officer not knowing what was the problem. When I got to him, he asked me how much money I have in my pocket and I told him what I have. He kinda surprise that I have that much and asked me to go!.


Ho Chi Minh is indeed a shopping heaven for baju kurung, custom-made dress (including office dress and baju melayu) as well as fake shirts, shoes and bags. For the ready made baju kurung with all the beads just cost between RM50-60. To do a dress just cost about RM45/USD15 (your own materials). In my case a pants cost USD31 and suit of baju melayu of cotton linen cost USD45. And the best thing is it will be done nicely and quickly. As for the imitation good, it ranges from shoes (mainly Nike, Adidas), bags (Samsonite, Dueter, Crumple) and shirt (Polo, Nike, Adidas). My guess the price is 30-50% cheaper than the original but you really have to know the game. The imitation goods has few grades and unless you know how to tell than it will be tricky to bargain for one.

Makan was also a treat. Really outstanding is the vietnam coffee especially iced coffee that you must try. Beef noodles also very delicious. The rest that we have had during our meals are equally tasty. Overall the halal restaurant is quite pricey. The value for money restaurant would be Hj. Halim shop, tasty and not too pricey. The budget one is Busiroh, good food minus the ambiance.

For this trip we skip the tour to Mekong River and Chu Chi Tunnel, as we thought we can do it next visit.