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Ho Chi Minh Day 2

We had breakfast at the hotel. It has small halal section with fried rice, fried noodles, sausage, and few others Vietnamese cuisine which I don’t know the name. Good enough for a quick and filling breakfast.

We went to see the War Remnants Museum. We walked past the Independence Palace to get there.

20130104_104320 20130104_104403

You pay VND15k for entry to the museum. It showcase the infamous Vietnam war between the local and the invading and the aggressor American. Suddenly I realised I don’t know what war was all about.


The museum compounds was littered with arsenal used in the war.


There was special exhibition about children in war. Instantly you can’t helped but drawing similarities with the Palestine. But I guess these Viet kids were in better conditions.


20130104_111630 20130104_111314 20130104_111728

War affects everybody. One thing for sure people have not learned a lesson from history. Or maybe some people does, like the Israel invasion on Palestine. You will be amazed at the similarities here.

20130104_114523 20130104_113935 20130104_115343 20130104_121124

I didn’t take any pictures from the war but it is not hard to imagine because we can see it happening again in the Palestine. How the aggressor treated their ‘enemy’.

Another landmark building in Ho Chi Minh is the Cathedral and the Central Post Office.


The Post Office is certainly an outstanding building. It was designed by the same designer of Eiffel Tower in Paris.


20130104_12401620130104_124044 20130104_124227 20130104_124242 20130104_124305

It was about the lunch time and we proceeded to Halal@Saigon restaurant. On the way we past another landmark ie. the Opera House. It was just opposite the big LV store. How French!

20130104_131927 20130104_132031

The Halal@Saigon restaurant is located next to the Sheraton hotel. For lunch we have fried chicken wings with fish sauce, lemongrass beancurd and fresh spring rolls with shrimp. And not to forget iced milked Vietnam coffee.




fried chicken wings with fish sauce


lemongrass beancurd


fresh spring rolls with shrimp


Inside springroll also got rice


Vietnam iced coffee

Opposite Halal@Saigon restaurant is Masjid India, the largest mosque in HCM. Time for makanan rohani.

20130104_145336 20130104_151047 20130104_150942

We headed back towards our hotel. But otw we stop at Taka Plaza and again at Daina’s collection where mas bought more dresses. After that more shopping at Ben Tanh market, in injury time.