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Ho Chi Minh Day 1

Smooth clearance at TSN airport. Wierd that immigration officer asked about visa to some visitors including mas, but not others and me. It took about half hour to Tan Hai Long hotel. THL hotel is at the centre of city facing big roundabout. From our room can see My Sang tailor.

The weather was nice, not too hot. Its cloudy,

The are about 2-3 halal restaurants nearby the hotel. We lunch at VN Halal located near Baskin Robbins.  Having fried fish sweet sour and roll meat in cabbage soup with rice.



Fried fish sweet sour

Rolled meat in cabbage soup

Rolled meat in cabbage soup

After lunch we headed back to the hotel to meet Lan the tailor. Around 3pm we went to Ben Tanh market. It is a big market where you can find anything. Anything really. Clothes and cloth, dresses and shirts. food and vegetables, handicrafts, souvenirs, painting, bag etc. But Mas can’t seem to find anything!. We left empty handed. Later she bought few baju kurung at Hasanah shop, it’s a small shop limited choice though.

Ben Tanh Market, back entrance

Ben Tanh Market, back entrance

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Next we walked along the shop (Le Lai road) nearby the hotel which mostly sell bags mainly outdoor knapsack as well as for office. I can say that those bags are good imitation stuff but you can know it if you can bargain. Off course they don’t tell you it’s a fake one. Rarely. If you don’t mind the imitation stuff than its jolly shopping.  Still, the brand is limited. The common one is Samsonite and Deuter. The original ones would have warranty, obviously, like Sakos, a US brand. I want to buy medium size knapsack for my weekly commute but didn’t find anything or any design that I like, maybe tomorrow I’ll find one.

We walked pass our hotel and than Ben Tanh market (along Le Loi road) and take left at the Adidas shop where we find Daina’s collection next to a halal restaurants. We bought more dresses there. We left when it’s already dark around 7pm.

Daina's Collection, huge selection, superb customer service

Daina’s Collection, huge selection, superb customer service


After a short break at the hotel room, we had dinner at Kampung Melayu restaurant, just a few doors away from our hotel.  I had kue teow fried and sour and Mas had Vietnam beef noodles. Halal food is really pricey here,  same like Bangkok, I remember.



Kue teow fried and sour

Kue teow fried and sour

Beef noodles

Beef noodles


It was about 10pm we headed to night market, located at both sides of Ben Tanh market. It’s actually the same stuff from the market and nearby shop. Things is, it’s “pasar malam” which means you can bargain hard. The night market is there every night from around 7pm till midnight. When you go around, its pretty much the same stuff; bags, shirt and pants, souvenirs, Vietnam coffee. Make sure you bargain at least 50% off. Some sales girl are very pretty but don’t get carried away. Buy only what you want not because it’s cheap. After all most of the items are fake ones. We left by midnight with few goodies to call it a day.