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Arsenal (7) vs Newcastle (3)

What a game it was to end the year. I woke up for the game, switch off the tv halfway and watched goal feast the last 20 minutes.

We know Newcastle is a good team (week earlier they also scored 3 goals against ManU) and they have more threatening chances against Gunner. That is why they equalise every time Gunner lead. It just shows how fragile Gunner defence. I just couldn’t watch the game when the magpie draw 3-3. I switched off the tv. Until my henpon beep with latest score from the game, Gunner lead again 4-3.

Arsenal v Newcastle United - Premier League

Theo got a hatrick, Giroud 2, Oxlade and Podolski 1 each

Ba and the gang was superb they have equal possession as Gunner and creating chances. Frankly it surprised me they conceded that many in the last 20 minutes as if they suddenly switch off.

It’s half way through the season and Gunner is at fifth place with one game in hand and 16 points away from the table leader. Maybe it’s not a problem to get to the top 4 but I doubt it is still title contender.


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whoareyouh – it’s gunners (5) la spud! (2)

Amekau 5 – 2. London derby was on the Saturday night. It is a significant game bcoz it’s Spud and we play at home. Gunner lineup shows intent. Intent to win after series of flop and to regain much needed boost of confidence. There you have it. We maintained the scoreline 5-2 as last year’s with all goals from different players. Ade sentoff did influence the game but that’s how it turnout. I am happy to see Giroud has started  scoring goal consistently and the return of wilshere and sagna has only strenghthened the team.

the main focus now is  for gunner to overcome their defensive deficiency. we need vermalean, koscielny and pert to buck up, and hopefully kieran could return soon. it is a tricky job to play an offensive game and yet need to be strong defensively. we also need szczesny to recover to his previous topform.

Last time after a few games AW said that he will wait after 10 games to see if Gunner would be title contender but now after 12 games I am still not so sure. If Gunners ever want to be in contest for the Premiership title, they would need to win ALL games for the rest of the year. That includes Aston Villa (A), Everton (A), Swansea (H), W.Brom (H), Reading (A), Wigan (A), Newcastle (H) and Southampton (A), which are all winnable. Good luck.

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Man City 1 Arsenal 1

Gunner almost become the first team to beat the host at etihad. We are dominating in first half where gervinho and podolski blundered chances to lead. Then came city goal despite gunner creating 8-man wall against the corner shoot, instead of 1-to-1 marking. (update: now i know it is called zonal marking. and gunner is under fire for conceding goal to mancity. well any system could work for or against you. podolski and mannonne could have done better. but numbers show that it could work for gunner, having the least goal conceded so far – 2 goals – and we are playing at toughest grounds at stadium of light, anfield and etihad)

The second half was more balanced with City having more goals opportunities. Gervinho wasted more chances, cazorla also miss. The first game player koscielny didn’t disappoint as he converted a deflected header from lescott to strike the ball thru city defenders into the top right corner of the post.

Overall it was a very good team play by gunner. We can see that confidence is building up and we have been resilient against the incumbent champion in the away game. Disappointed that gunner didn’t win. at least gunner is the first team to take away a point from etihad.

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Arsenal 6 Southampton 1

yeehaa..a confident boosting win before gunner goes on for first champion league game against montpellier and man city and the blues in the following weekends. first all, there were no player injuries from international qual games except diaby with minor hip injury (which is why he was rested). look likes players are beginning to click and now game become more fluid. cant complain much except szczesny which give away a goal.

i must say that players like gibbs, jenkinson and couqelin has stepped up their game. there come the 2 own-goal by soton, as a result of move engineer on the left side thru gibbs.  what a beautiful goal by podolski. cazorla was brilliant and feel like he outshine arteta. truly a dna of spainish midfielder all over and on the work there. (cesc who?)  gervinho look comfortable playing centre forward and having 2 goals, he could potentially become top scorer. ramsey was unlucky not to score a goal (almost) but he has also stepup his game. credit to the defense with great display except a few lapses after gunner secure couple of goals. everybody was focus and it was a team play. now what they really need is consistency.

AW said he would wait until the 10th game to see weather gunner could be title contender this season. while we still have player on recovery (sagna, rosicky, djourou etc) wilshere and frimpong is expecting to join training next week. and AW would have flexibility to choose his player. really hope they can maintain the quality against man city and the blues and come away with full points

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Liverpool 0 Arsenal 2

i thought its gonna be dejavu. starting all over again. last season, cesc dan nasri left and came in gervinho and arteta. wenger also bot mertesacker and santos to shore up defence but gunner struggle in the first 8-9 games and rank the bottom quarter. now after 2 draws against sunderland and stoke then facing kops, i said oh no is it gonna be like last year. luckily gunner manage an unconvincing 2-0 win over kops. overall good team play, defence was good (clean sheet so far) as well as midfield but somehow the midfield and frontline has not linkup enough, hence the strikers rarely find the nets.

20120904-083303 AM.jpg
its only first 3 games but am quick to compare with last season. gooners are desperate after long trophy-less years. even the erratic london neighbour manages to get a cup or two. gunner may have a better line up this season and i hope the team particular the new guy (come on giroud) will quickly settle in. wilshere and sagna as well as szczesny may be back soon and gunner could have a formidable force and win something. look at the turnaorund last season for gunner to steal 3rd place, we could have been the champion if, and only if we had started the season in a better way. its a marathon and if gunner can be more consistent, made possible with broad option across fields to face multiple leagues, then i think gunner can win something this season. go gunners!

p/s: just upgrade my astro package to beyond. gonna enjoy gunner games which mainly around 10pm this season huhu!