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Arsenal (7) vs Newcastle (3)

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What a game it was to end the year. I woke up for the game, switch off the tv halfway and watched goal feast the last 20 minutes.

We know Newcastle is a good team (week earlier they also scored 3 goals against ManU) and they have more threatening chances against Gunner. That is why they equalise every time Gunner lead. It just shows how fragile Gunner defence. I just couldn’t watch the game when the magpie draw 3-3. I switched off the tv. Until my henpon beep with latest score from the game, Gunner lead again 4-3.

Arsenal v Newcastle United - Premier League

Theo got a hatrick, Giroud 2, Oxlade and Podolski 1 each

Ba and the gang was superb they have equal possession as Gunner and creating chances. Frankly it surprised me they conceded that many in the last 20 minutes as if they suddenly switch off.

It’s half way through the season and Gunner is at fifth place with one game in hand and 16 points away from the table leader. Maybe it’s not a problem to get to the top 4 but I doubt it is still title contender.


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