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whoareyouh – it’s gunners (5) la spud! (2)

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Amekau 5 – 2. London derby was on the Saturday night. It is a significant game bcoz it’s Spud and we play at home. Gunner lineup shows intent. Intent to win after series of flop and to regain much needed boost of confidence. There you have it. We maintained the scoreline 5-2 as last year’s with all goals from different players. Ade sentoff did influence the game but that’s how it turnout. I am happy to see Giroud has started  scoring goal consistently and the return of wilshere and sagna has only strenghthened the team.

the main focus now is  for gunner to overcome their defensive deficiency. we need vermalean, koscielny and pert to buck up, and hopefully kieran could return soon. it is a tricky job to play an offensive game and yet need to be strong defensively. we also need szczesny to recover to his previous topform.

Last time after a few games AW said that he will wait after 10 games to see if Gunner would be title contender but now after 12 games I am still not so sure. If Gunners ever want to be in contest for the Premiership title, they would need to win ALL games for the rest of the year. That includes Aston Villa (A), Everton (A), Swansea (H), W.Brom (H), Reading (A), Wigan (A), Newcastle (H) and Southampton (A), which are all winnable. Good luck.


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