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nowadays we take and keep our note digitally on mobiles devices. what if u have multiple devices from iOS and android and u need your notes always-synced. i like to recommend using simple but useful note taking apps called Catch Notes. currently the Catch apps is available for iPhone, iPad and Android platform as well as on the cloud (on a website)


recently, the Catch app has been updated to a beautiful design as shown above but for now only for iPhone while android and iPad version is coming soon. catch apps allows you to make text, photo and voice note including a checklist (new feature), both online and offline. the free version allows you to create up to 5 spaces which is basically like a folder. you can then share the spaces with your friends and any update in the space will be synced automatically across members. try it out!

update: on Sept 6, catch on android has been updated with the new design. the website version has also been updated to the latest UI.

update: catch for iPad has been updated as well


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