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Ho Chi Minh Day 3

We are pretty much done with shopping over the last 2 days. We had late breakfast at Basiroh while waiting for my delivery. Quite a breakfast or rather brunch we had beef noodles and big karipap with hot Vietnam coffee. We also bought 2 boxes of Vietnam coffee which we later found out more expensive than at the market.

My parcel was left at the reception. During the injury time shopping yesterday I measured up for 2 pair of trousers and a suit of baju Melayu Johor of cotton linen. The trousers was usd31 each while baju Melayu I got it for usd45, all done in less than 24hr. I must say the workmanship was as good as any tailor you can get but it is astonishingly good deals that you can get it cheaper and faster in Vietnam. When I am done trying the dress we rushed to the market to get a sizable bag for our newly acquired luggage. We got to rush because we are checking out by 1pm. We leave our luggage at lobby and walk around the city towards the river bank.

Before leaving the city we thought of having another meals despite of heavy brunch we had in the morning. We stopped at Hj Halim, on the road by the back entrance of Ben Tanh market. We had Terung bakar, Tomyam ikan, fried Springroll and of course iced Vietnam coffee.



Terung bakar


Fish tomyam


Fried springroll


We finished off the remaining VND at the market, get the delivery of baju kurung from Lan the tailor and left the hotel by 5.45pm. The TSN airport was located conveniently at the fringe of the city that it takes just half an hour from the hotel the taxi was driving 30-40kmh.

We read so much about vietnam immigration and custom that we had to hide our USD and RM notes. I just have USD2 and VND 30k in my pocket. During the security scanning, I was called up by the officer not knowing what was the problem. When I got to him, he asked me how much money I have in my pocket and I told him what I have. He kinda surprise that I have that much and asked me to go!.


Ho Chi Minh is indeed a shopping heaven for baju kurung, custom-made dress (including office dress and baju melayu) as well as fake shirts, shoes and bags. For the ready made baju kurung with all the beads just cost between RM50-60. To do a dress just cost about RM45/USD15 (your own materials). In my case a pants cost USD31 and suit of baju melayu of cotton linen cost USD45. And the best thing is it will be done nicely and quickly. As for the imitation good, it ranges from shoes (mainly Nike, Adidas), bags (Samsonite, Dueter, Crumple) and shirt (Polo, Nike, Adidas). My guess the price is 30-50% cheaper than the original but you really have to know the game. The imitation goods has few grades and unless you know how to tell than it will be tricky to bargain for one.

Makan was also a treat. Really outstanding is the vietnam coffee especially iced coffee that you must try. Beef noodles also very delicious. The rest that we have had during our meals are equally tasty. Overall the halal restaurant is quite pricey. The value for money restaurant would be Hj. Halim shop, tasty and not too pricey. The budget one is Busiroh, good food minus the ambiance.

For this trip we skip the tour to Mekong River and Chu Chi Tunnel, as we thought we can do it next visit.


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Ho Chi Minh Day 2

We had breakfast at the hotel. It has small halal section with fried rice, fried noodles, sausage, and few others Vietnamese cuisine which I don’t know the name. Good enough for a quick and filling breakfast.

We went to see the War Remnants Museum. We walked past the Independence Palace to get there.

20130104_104320 20130104_104403

You pay VND15k for entry to the museum. It showcase the infamous Vietnam war between the local and the invading and the aggressor American. Suddenly I realised I don’t know what war was all about.


The museum compounds was littered with arsenal used in the war.


There was special exhibition about children in war. Instantly you can’t helped but drawing similarities with the Palestine. But I guess these Viet kids were in better conditions.


20130104_111630 20130104_111314 20130104_111728

War affects everybody. One thing for sure people have not learned a lesson from history. Or maybe some people does, like the Israel invasion on Palestine. You will be amazed at the similarities here.

20130104_114523 20130104_113935 20130104_115343 20130104_121124

I didn’t take any pictures from the war but it is not hard to imagine because we can see it happening again in the Palestine. How the aggressor treated their ‘enemy’.

Another landmark building in Ho Chi Minh is the Cathedral and the Central Post Office.


The Post Office is certainly an outstanding building. It was designed by the same designer of Eiffel Tower in Paris.


20130104_12401620130104_124044 20130104_124227 20130104_124242 20130104_124305

It was about the lunch time and we proceeded to Halal@Saigon restaurant. On the way we past another landmark ie. the Opera House. It was just opposite the big LV store. How French!

20130104_131927 20130104_132031

The Halal@Saigon restaurant is located next to the Sheraton hotel. For lunch we have fried chicken wings with fish sauce, lemongrass beancurd and fresh spring rolls with shrimp. And not to forget iced milked Vietnam coffee.




fried chicken wings with fish sauce


lemongrass beancurd


fresh spring rolls with shrimp


Inside springroll also got rice


Vietnam iced coffee

Opposite Halal@Saigon restaurant is Masjid India, the largest mosque in HCM. Time for makanan rohani.

20130104_145336 20130104_151047 20130104_150942

We headed back towards our hotel. But otw we stop at Taka Plaza and again at Daina’s collection where mas bought more dresses. After that more shopping at Ben Tanh market, in injury time.


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Ho Chi Minh Day 1

Smooth clearance at TSN airport. Wierd that immigration officer asked about visa to some visitors including mas, but not others and me. It took about half hour to Tan Hai Long hotel. THL hotel is at the centre of city facing big roundabout. From our room can see My Sang tailor.

The weather was nice, not too hot. Its cloudy,

The are about 2-3 halal restaurants nearby the hotel. We lunch at VN Halal located near Baskin Robbins.  Having fried fish sweet sour and roll meat in cabbage soup with rice.



Fried fish sweet sour

Rolled meat in cabbage soup

Rolled meat in cabbage soup

After lunch we headed back to the hotel to meet Lan the tailor. Around 3pm we went to Ben Tanh market. It is a big market where you can find anything. Anything really. Clothes and cloth, dresses and shirts. food and vegetables, handicrafts, souvenirs, painting, bag etc. But Mas can’t seem to find anything!. We left empty handed. Later she bought few baju kurung at Hasanah shop, it’s a small shop limited choice though.

Ben Tanh Market, back entrance

Ben Tanh Market, back entrance

20130105_124332 20130105_12433620130104_18305120130105_124343 20130105_124346


Next we walked along the shop (Le Lai road) nearby the hotel which mostly sell bags mainly outdoor knapsack as well as for office. I can say that those bags are good imitation stuff but you can know it if you can bargain. Off course they don’t tell you it’s a fake one. Rarely. If you don’t mind the imitation stuff than its jolly shopping.  Still, the brand is limited. The common one is Samsonite and Deuter. The original ones would have warranty, obviously, like Sakos, a US brand. I want to buy medium size knapsack for my weekly commute but didn’t find anything or any design that I like, maybe tomorrow I’ll find one.

We walked pass our hotel and than Ben Tanh market (along Le Loi road) and take left at the Adidas shop where we find Daina’s collection next to a halal restaurants. We bought more dresses there. We left when it’s already dark around 7pm.

Daina's Collection, huge selection, superb customer service

Daina’s Collection, huge selection, superb customer service


After a short break at the hotel room, we had dinner at Kampung Melayu restaurant, just a few doors away from our hotel.  I had kue teow fried and sour and Mas had Vietnam beef noodles. Halal food is really pricey here,  same like Bangkok, I remember.



Kue teow fried and sour

Kue teow fried and sour

Beef noodles

Beef noodles


It was about 10pm we headed to night market, located at both sides of Ben Tanh market. It’s actually the same stuff from the market and nearby shop. Things is, it’s “pasar malam” which means you can bargain hard. The night market is there every night from around 7pm till midnight. When you go around, its pretty much the same stuff; bags, shirt and pants, souvenirs, Vietnam coffee. Make sure you bargain at least 50% off. Some sales girl are very pretty but don’t get carried away. Buy only what you want not because it’s cheap. After all most of the items are fake ones. We left by midnight with few goodies to call it a day.

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Arsenal (7) vs Newcastle (3)

What a game it was to end the year. I woke up for the game, switch off the tv halfway and watched goal feast the last 20 minutes.

We know Newcastle is a good team (week earlier they also scored 3 goals against ManU) and they have more threatening chances against Gunner. That is why they equalise every time Gunner lead. It just shows how fragile Gunner defence. I just couldn’t watch the game when the magpie draw 3-3. I switched off the tv. Until my henpon beep with latest score from the game, Gunner lead again 4-3.

Arsenal v Newcastle United - Premier League

Theo got a hatrick, Giroud 2, Oxlade and Podolski 1 each

Ba and the gang was superb they have equal possession as Gunner and creating chances. Frankly it surprised me they conceded that many in the last 20 minutes as if they suddenly switch off.

It’s half way through the season and Gunner is at fifth place with one game in hand and 16 points away from the table leader. Maybe it’s not a problem to get to the top 4 but I doubt it is still title contender.

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Walimatul urus

Alhamdulillah sempurna lah sudah marathon acara pertunangan, pernikahan dan kenduri perkahwinan 2 orang adik lelaki den pada 17 November lepas. Firdaus nikah dengan Alin dari Ulu Yam Selangor dan Faiz nikah dengan Fatin dari Taman Merdeka Masjid Tanah Melaka.

Walaupun traffic jam menganjak ketibaan pengantin dan awan gelap yang menggusarkan tetamu, tidak lah mengurangkan seri majlis. Den dan mak dan abah menyambut tetamu yang hadir. DJ jemputan dan lagu2 background turut menghidupkan majlis. Tapi yang paling penting ialah kehadiran sanak saudara , sahabat dan kenalan serta semua tetamu amnya. Kali ni, macam yang lepas, ambil catering untuk hidangan tetamu dan untuk pengantin. Ustaz Hamid membacakan doa untuk mempelai sebelum mereka menjamu hidangan.

Barakallahhu fi kum!

Barakallahhu fi kum!

Malam sebelum nya kami buat aqiqah untuk Muhammad Qaid dan majlis doa selamat dan tahlil serta selawat nabi. Den dari Singapura Mas pickup kat airport terus balik kampung sampai ngam2 time makan (makan dulu baru tahlil). Kerana populasi kelamin dan pelapisnya dah bertambah dan kehadiran tetamu2, den amek bilik kat hotel Era Bahau.

Tahniah Firdaus, Faiz, Alin dan Fatin. Den doakan pernikahan kalian diberkati oleh Allah dan berkekalan dalam rahmat, bahagia dan dimurahkan rezeki.

bersama mak dan abah

bersama mak dan abah

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whoareyouh – it’s gunners (5) la spud! (2)

Amekau 5 – 2. London derby was on the Saturday night. It is a significant game bcoz it’s Spud and we play at home. Gunner lineup shows intent. Intent to win after series of flop and to regain much needed boost of confidence. There you have it. We maintained the scoreline 5-2 as last year’s with all goals from different players. Ade sentoff did influence the game but that’s how it turnout. I am happy to see Giroud has started  scoring goal consistently and the return of wilshere and sagna has only strenghthened the team.

the main focus now is  for gunner to overcome their defensive deficiency. we need vermalean, koscielny and pert to buck up, and hopefully kieran could return soon. it is a tricky job to play an offensive game and yet need to be strong defensively. we also need szczesny to recover to his previous topform.

Last time after a few games AW said that he will wait after 10 games to see if Gunner would be title contender but now after 12 games I am still not so sure. If Gunners ever want to be in contest for the Premiership title, they would need to win ALL games for the rest of the year. That includes Aston Villa (A), Everton (A), Swansea (H), W.Brom (H), Reading (A), Wigan (A), Newcastle (H) and Southampton (A), which are all winnable. Good luck.